How Managed IT Can Help Your Company Overcome Remote Work Challenges

Managed IT services can help you with your remote work problems.

Most companies were not prepared to enable a wide-scale remote work operation, much less without a definite end date like the current COVID-19 quarantine period. 

Managed IT services are among the essential services allowed to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, managed service providers (MSPs) have contributed significantly in helping companies make work-from-home setups viable, which, in turn, has helped in flattening the curve.

Here are ways how managed IT can help your company overcome remote work challenges:

  • Monitor IT operations and inventories. With IT experts helping every step of the way, you can expedite the transition from office work to working from home.

Everyone is already stressed out with the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping track of hardware devices, software tools, network stabilities, and other IT concerns to make sure everything is going smoothly just adds more stress to and exhausts your mental bandwidth.

Let an MSP carry the load so you can focus on running your core business operation.

  • Optimize specific IT services without exceeding your budget. Companies are on an even tighter budget now more than ever. You’re probably already considered getting some help, but what services should you choose to optimize your limited funds?

By partnering with a provider that offers a variety of options and service flexibility, you can pick IT solutions that are custom-fit to what your business must prioritize for the duration of the quarantine.

There are also godsend MSPs ready to offer discounts and free trials to keep you away from financial strain.

  • Establish secure communication lines among teams. Communication among your teams must be done in a stable and secure environment.

Video conferencing tools like Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype are some of the most used applications right now.

Zoom’s usage exploded as the coronavirus outbreak forced employees to work from home. However, as revealed in Forbes’ April 2020 cybersecurity article, approximately 500,000 Zoom accounts were hacked and given away for free on the dark web.

Some MSPs are partners with tech giants like Google, with stable tools proven in handling major tech challenges, to make sure that you’re not in over your head in dealing with similar problems faced by Zoom.

  • Swift assistance for remote employees. You can rely on each of your team’s leaders to oversee various operations. But what happens when they come across an issue unique to the remote work period such as an internet connection problem or a cybercriminal exploiting your network vulnerabilities while you’re at home?

MSPs are equipped to help you deal with risks such as malware tools posing as coronavirus tracking apps and other kinds of problems that can arise anytime during the remote-work period.

There’s a lot of anxiety and fear going around. This is understandable given our current situation. But unlike previous pandemics, we now have the right technology to keep businesses working and not become another casualty of the coronavirus.

Remote work allows your business operations to continue while keeping your employees safe from the coronavirus. By partnering with a trusted MSP, you can overcome the new challenges that can arise in this unfamiliar setup, while also helping the world curb the spread of the disease.

Adapt and keep your business running during any crisis.